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Import and Export

We take great pride in exporting great cultural heritage of Art and Crafts of India. From Wooden, Clay, MarbleItems handcrafted to perfection ,Tanjore paintings , wall hangings and decorative items emitting spirituality of India capable in changing your surroundings to Positivity and beauty.

Exclusive Rajasthan Marble art to Miniature paintings of Orissa, from exclusive tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu, Hand crafted rosewood, ebony wood furniture and Idols from Karnataka to delicate Walnut wood from Kashmir we have it all.

We know that preserving nature and natural heritage is indeed the need of this time and we proudly offer natural and nature friendly products. We do not offer synthetic range of products which harm the nature.
India is an ocean of art culture and spirituality and we try our best to fish out some of its exclusive art to be exhibited and appreciated across the globe (please note: we do not offer any metallic, brass or bronze product and edible products).

Fragrance being an essential part of India we offer completely natural Essences, Incensesand Fragrance oils and sticks, perfumes (oil based original essence) from all across India From Henna, to Jasmine, Indian Rose to Nargis from Kashmir and Sandal wood from Karnataka. Our products are handmade, non synthetic and completely natural, rejuvenating your mind and surroundings.

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